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Set your own style, the American villa garden design is undoubtedly the introduction of the garden into the house, realizing the dream that people can enjoy the beautiful garden at home and have a private garden. There are many green plants and bright flowers in the outdoor garden decoration model house, which attracts the eyeballs,

and the heart of love is born spontaneously----

 The family structure determines the layout of the garden. If time is particularly tight and there is no time to take care of the garden, you can simply plant some flowers and plants in the garden; gardens with young children should avoid dangerous factors such as deep water and rocks, set up lawns that can put toys, and plant some colorful ones. Biennial grass and flower bulbs,
 l  If you like outdoor barbecue, you can design a barbecue platform to create a warm atmosphere and enrich the pattern of the indoor space


 Green plants is the vitality of the garden. It is the embodiment of nature. It is just that the decoration of the garden is more effective, and the creative laser cutting pattern is more preferred, beautiful and practical.


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Post time: Jul-08-2021