Rattan and iron artwork, art your life

The combination of iron and rattan is just right, and it can be applied to most mainstream home designs.

1. Iron bracket and rattan hanging basket

On the cobblestone floor and a floral balcony, a hanging basket designed with a combination of rattan and iron can be placed; the area is equivalent to a single sofa. Although it is not as comfortable as the sofa, it gives you a swaying leisure. You can hide in the hanging basket and enjoy the reading time in the afternoon quietly. Of course, maybe in the swaying, you will fall asleep soon.

2. Iron chaise longueur and rattan tea table (small living room)

Place the rattan iron table, chair and coffee table combination with patterns in your living room. Independent decorative factors make the feeling of home richer. The communication between you and your friends will unknowingly flow to the bottom of your heart, even if you are just talking ordinary things.

3. Rattan iron couch (bedroom)

The hand-wrought iron furniture is used for the cold modeling, and the rattan poufs are placed beside the wrought iron bed. The individuality is distinct and full of classical charm. Coupled with old record players and old-fashioned telephones, it is unique.

4. Vine and iron entrance (entrance)

The entrance hall designed with wrought iron patterns and rattan mats looks like part of a summer pavilion. Of course, the coolness of walking in can be imagined.

Of course, due to the characteristics of rattan and iron furniture production, you may wish to give full play to your creative ideas; take the patterns you draw to the iron gate face of the home market, and they can help you process them. The price is the same as that of the finished product.

The placement of rattan and iron furniture is mainly to master the relationship between color and room environment. When the space tone is dark, the rattan and iron furniture you choose should be brown or dark brown, and the color of the cushion or tablecloth should be similar but not too deep. For light-colored home spaces, you can choose neutral or other colors of rattan and iron products, with bright-colored cushions or cloth accessories.

Post time: Jun-09-2021