Seven creative wall decorations awaken the tired living room

Use creative decoration to wake up the tired living room. Change the desolate and barren space by adding warm and popular decorations, making the living room the most attractive space in the house. Hang old items from thrift stores on the walls of the gallery, cover the walls with patterned paper, or display antique collections-there are countless ways to show your personality and bring vitality to the dull living room. Here are 8 simple decoration techniques that can make the living room the most popular gathering space at home.

01Cover the wall with your favorite pattern
Flower wallpaper became the starting point for a bright living room. The blue and white wall coverings and brightly colored artworks are layered together in complementary tones to bring the space to life.

02Display antique wall hangings
Hanging the antique style wall hanging on the wall changes the desolate and barren space and makes the space more advanced.

03Develop a friendly children’s space
In the children’s space, weird man-made specimen heads add interesting personality to the white walls. A gallery hung on the wall next to it, displaying emotional family photos and prints.

04Use alternative decorations
It is very expensive to cover the entire living room with luxurious wallpaper. Wall coverings can be used in some spaces to create a refined sense of space.

05Display meaningful decorations
It is a good choice to choose some meaningful calligraphy or paintings and mount them on the wall of the living room.

06Make contact points between artworks
You can add antique products to the space, with antique style wall hangings, tables, chairs, and some retro decorations.

07Make the wall more attractive
Artist Dana Gibson said, “I don’t like drywall, as long as I make it more interesting, I am willing to do anything.” Decorating the space with many decorations is also a good choice.

Post time: Sep-10-2020